Dec 23, 2021

“These guys do a great job! “Quick” and easy. Highly recommend. Thx!”

Michael Jenkins - Cleveland,, OH

Aug 28, 2021

“Fast and efficient. Best part is no hard upsell. They ask if you want anything extra and of you say no,they don't push.”

Ma V - Brooklyn, OH

Aug 28, 2021

“Quick and efficient. Asks if you want anything additional rather than a hard upsell like other places I've been before coming here.”

Mark Vilem - Brooklyn, OH

Aug 20, 2021

“These guys were awesome! We were in and out within a few minutes. They checked and rechecked the parts that they installed. One of the parts were faulty and they fixed it quickly with another part. One problem. No air conditioning! These guys need it especially because they hustle! We will continue coming here!”

Rob Slattery - Brooklyn, OH

Dec 05, 2020

“I only let them do my oil change.They have excellent customer service ”

Jenny Cody - Cleveland , OH

Aug 18, 2020

“My sales representative/mechanic at Old Brooklyn, Ohio change oil was a professional man. I felt safe and secure during these times of Convid19. Coupons are honored here during financial hard times. I will visit you again. Thanks.”

Tina S - Old Brooklyn , OH

Apr 24, 2020

“I love going to this place I trust them they're very nice. They don't try to sell you nothing that you don't want. I have been going here for 3 years now I will never go back to take five. There were young workers very smart attitude trying to sell I get everything in the book but I love this place the guy that did it my oil change was the best I've ever had I will go back.”

Rebecca Ruperto - Cleveland, OH

Dec 30, 2019

“Been coming here for as long as it’s been open good service highly recommend ”

Michael - Cleve, OH

May 14, 2019

“Under the direction of the pleasant, friendly manager at the Brooklyn location, my car is always very thoroughly serviced. That is why I choose this location. I was disappointed on my last visit when I entered into the port and could not stay in my vehicle because of the overwhelming cigarette smell. I had to have the technicians let me pull out, because I couldn't breathe. It triggered an asthma attack, and I left there feeling very sick! The smell of the oil and windshield fluid can be challenging enough, and with added cigarette smoke, that's just too much and unhealthy for the workers and the customers. Just opening the bay doors to air the area out when a customer arrives isn't enough time for the smell to dissipate. The SMOKING TECHNICIANS, need to understand that. PLEASE...”

Angela E - Parma, OH

Jan 18, 2019


JJ S - Garfield hts, OH

Apr 29, 2018

“Theses guys are 👍”

Shirlry G - Brooklyn, OH

Apr 26, 2018

“The guys who work here are the best, very friendly and informative and they make getting an oil change something to look forward too instead of a chore!”

melissa W - Cleveland, OH

Feb 17, 2018

“Manager Doug and Technician Brett did an outstanding job. For the first time EVER since I have owned my car I was asked if I wanted the 'cabin air filter' checked. I didn't even know I had one. It was filthy! Kudos to Doug and Brett!”

Michael K - Brooklyn, OH

Feb 15, 2018

“Its a positive experience every time these guys service my car. I've been in coaching customer service for 25 years and the respect and value I receive from location #16 is superb. ”

Steve Thomas - Brooklyn, OH

Jun 07, 2017

“The guys at Quick Change are awesome...Fast and Friendly...Customer for LIFE....”

Kevin S - Brooklyn, OH