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The function of the fuel system is to collect and then deliver fuel to the cylinder chamber of your car’s engine. Here in the cylinder chamber the fuel is mixed with air as it vaporizes and then the mixtures burns to produce energy. That energy is then converted into a rotary motion that powers your car.

Is your vehicle stalling or failing to start altogether? The problem may be with the fuel system, and we can help.

Your vehicle’s fuel system collects fuel then delivers it ot the cylinder chamber of the engine. This is where the fuel mixes with air to vaporize and burn, producing the energy necessary to power the vehicle. The energy gets converted into rotary motion, and your car can move.

Components of the Fuel System

The fuel system has several components. These are:

·       Fuel tank – This is the tank that stores the fuel. It has baffles inside to keep the fuel from sloshing when you stop and start.

·       Fuel pump – This pumps fuel from the tank and sends it through the fuel lines.

·       Fuel lines – These steel lines and flexible hoses take the fuel where it needs to go in the engine.

·       Fuel filter – The filter keeps crud out of the fuel so your system will run properly. Replace this every 15,000 miles.

Each one of these components can suffer from wear and tear. Poor quality fuel can also hurt the performance of the fuel system and the vehicle. When you are having trouble with the fuel system, we can help.

Common Fuel System Problems

Some of the problems you may experience with your fuel system include:

·       Poor gas mileage

·       Vehicle won’t start or starts slowly

·       Check engine light

·       Stalling

·       Surging

·       Misfiring

·       Hesitating

These problems can have a wide range of causes, so it’s important to have a mechanic take a look if you’re suffering from them.

EGR Valve Problems

One common fuel system problem that can trigger the check engine light is the exhaust gas re-circulation, or EGR, valve. This valve can get carbon deposits as a result of the fuel burning process. When carbon builds up on the valve, ti can keep the fuel from running freely through the system. This can hurt your fuel economy and, if left unchecked, keep the vehicle from running. We can assist by replacing the EGR valve when it starts to get buildup.

Schedule Fuel System Service Today

Our team offers a comprehensive list of fuel system services, including fuel filter replacement, fuel system flushes, fuel additives, chemical fuel system service, and more. If you suspect problems with your fuel system, schedule an appointment to talk to one of our mechanics, and let us sort out the problem so you can have a functional and efficient vehicle.